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SaaS Statistics Infographic 2021

Top SaaS Purchase & Usage Statistics in 2020 to Predict 2021If you are a SaaS company, explore statistics to help you understand the trends in spend by small, medium & enterprise businesses.For Small Companies( 1 – 100 employees )It’s predicted, on average, a total spend of $260k on SaaS in 2021.For Midsize Companies( 101 – 1000


What Is MRR

SAAS ANSWERS What is MRR?The simple answer is that MRR is your Monthly Recurring Revenue and one of the key metrics that SaaS companies use to evaluate success. BUT LET’S GO DEEPERMRR is a way to normalize varying packages and terms.MRR also directly correlates to dollars versus other metrics like users, accounts, or other ambiguous indicators.Why


Insivia Re-launches SaaS Founder Show

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  With the evolution and growing influence of SaaS companies, Insivia moves to spotlight SaaS founders and share their experiences and insights with other leaders, developers and professionals in the industry  CLEVELAND, OHIO, October 29, 2020 — In its continued creative and innovative efforts to share its insights and specific expertise with technology,

SaaS Retention

Who's in Charge of Retention?

Retention plays an important role in the success of any company. It’s key to assign the responsibility to someone.

SaaS Retention

User Retention: Don't Wait Until They're Gone

Churn is a silent killer of the modern-day SaaS business. So, to avoid the loss of customers, we’ve come up with a useful list of customer retention strategies to consider.

SaaS Retention

Customer Feedback: Why You Need It

Customer feedback is a powerful guide that provides you with critical insights, and acting on it will take your business to a whole new level. Read all about the ins and outs of this valuable tool.